The Facts About Wrinkles

12th July, 2017


They’re an inevitable part of growing old, but there are things you can do to stop wrinkles. By definition wrinkles are a fold or crease in the skin, this can be anywhere on your face from your forehead and lips to eyes and neck. Our experts have brought together the ultimate guide about wrinkles and what you need to know:

– They generally occur due to the ageing process, but can also be accelerated by smoking. drinking and sun damage too.
– Wrinkles form when the skin becomes thinner, drier and less elastic as the production of collagen slows down over time

Common wrinkles are across your:
– Neck (contributed by constant and certain movements)
– Lips (because of lack of collagen production and smoking)
– Forehead (again cause by facial movements, sun exposure and ageing)
– Eyes (the most vunderable area on the face to wrinkles as the skin is its thinnest here, squinting and exposure to extreme weather are some causes)

So how can you prevent them?
We recommend using our Wrinkle Freeze Serum with Syn-Ake, a snake venom-like peptide that works to smooth fine lines and wrinkles instantly. Not forgetting the eyes, our Snake Venom Eye Cream hydrates the eyes, whilst targeting dark circles and crows feet around the eyes.

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