From Spring To Summer Skincare Transition

12th June, 2017


Moving from one season to the next requires a change in your skincare routine, as your skin has different needs than before. As we enter the warmer months, the winter has left our skin looking dull and dry and summer will turn our skin completely on its head as we need less moisture and more protection from the sun. Our experts share their tips for spring to summer skincare transition:

– Try a lighter moisturiser

Your skin tends to hold moisture better throughout the summer months, so you don’t need as heavy duty and thick cream.

– Apply SPF
Although it is good practice to wear minimum SPF protection on your face throughout the year, opt for a moisturiser or makeup with a SPF factor to keep ageing signs at bay.

– Exfoliating is key
Keep your skin cell turnover ticking along with a weekly face scrub, this will also help skin to look brighter and more radiant too!

– Keep wipes and sprays handy
Skin needs to be kept cool throughout the day, so having a pack of wipes or water spray in your bag is a refreshing relief on hot day.

– Opt for lightweight makeup
Allow your skin to breath and switch your foundation for a lighter bb cream or powder that provides coverage without blocking your pores.

What are your tips for spring to summer skincare transition?

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