Anti-Ageing Tips To Try

9th October, 2017


Your skin will naturally age throughout your years, but there are a few tips you can try to help as your skin ages:

1. Apply SPF to your face – and hands!
Your face and hands are generally the most exposed to sunlight and even if you remember to apply SPF to your face, our hands are often forgotten! Hands tend to tell your age quicker than your face does, so try adding a little SPF to your hands each day to help protect against the sun.

2. Apply an eye cream
The skin around your eyes is the most delicate and thinnest in comparison to the rest of your face, which is why it’s important to protect it. Use your ring finger to gently pat in the eye cream around your eyes until absorbed, we love the Snake Venom Eye Cream to smooth lines and banish dark circles.

3. Opt for a lighter foundation
Try using a powder or just a concealer to cover any imperfections and even skin tone. A heavy duty foundation tends to sit in lines and dry skin more easily, highlighting areas you may not wish to highlight!

4. Spend time on your skincare routine
Because your skin will thank you for it later on! Treat your skin twice a day to a cleansing and moisturising routine, this is the basic level of which you should start with. Add an eye cream, serum, face mask, face scrub etc. where appropriate for your skin type.

5. Up your hyaluronic
As our skin ages, it doesn’t absorb and hold water as well as it used to. Try the Hyaluronic Serum each morning and evening for a burst of hydration for your skin.

6. Exfoliate weekly

Without a face scrub, dead skin cells build up and cause your skin to look dull. Use a gentle exfoliating scrub or acid to remove dead skin cells in way for the newer ones.

What are your best anti-ageing tips?

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